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Fuji-Tecom LC2500 Leak Detectors

LC-2500 Fuji noise correlator – advanced digital processing providing quick pinpointing of leaks on all types of pipes. Large, easy to read LCD rechargeable battery option available.


The multifunctional F.A.S.T.-LOKAL 300 leakage detection system is applied to detect leakages (correlation and geophone) on drinking-water networks and to trace out pipelines. Simple operational handling enables even unskilled operators successfully to locate leakages.

The pressurized medium inside the pipe generates a leakage-borne noise at the leakage spot. This noise travels in both directions through the pipe and is detected by highly sensitive sensors which are mounted at accessible places such as hydrants, valves etc.

The amplified pick-up signal is radio-transmitted to the central unit, and the coherence and correlation functions are calculated and displayed by the LCD.

Lokal 400

Multi-functional Correlator

  • Portable
  • User-friendly control features
  • Robust aluminium case
  • Memory for measurement values
  • Graphical and numerical value of leak noise
  • 500 mW transmitter (with BTZ certificate)
  • Plug-In point for headphones at central unit and measuring boxes
  • Correlator / geophone / listening device in one compact system

Von Roll LOG3000 Leak Detectors

The LOG 3000 is a mobile notebook correlator of the latest generation with excellent measurement characteristics for the precise acoustic location of leaks in pressurised water piping. The system can be used on all piping materials that are employed in the construction of piping networks (such as, steel, cast iron, plastics, cement, etc.) in a precise and efficient way. The results of measurements are reported in a simple and meaningful way and provide the basis for the unearthing of piping and subsequent repair of damage.