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Fuji-Tecom FSB-8D Leak Detectors

FSB-8D Fuji digital sound detector is a small, compact electronic leak detector for finding water leaks and is well-suited to water leak surveying on plastic pipes like PVC and PE.

Fuji-Tecom Manual Listening Sticks Leak Detectors

The Fuji-Tecom manual listening stick is one of the oldest ways to find a leak but is extremely effective at finding leaks. An optimum designed resonance chamber amplifies the leakage noise from various kinds of pipe materials. eaks.

Von Roll LeakPEN Leak Detectors

The LeakPEN is a mobile leak location unit with outstanding measurement characteristics for acoustic leak detection in pressurised piping. Fittings, fire hydrants, hose connections etc. can be checked out in a simple way during maintenance and inspection work, when reading meters or during on-site location of leaks.