Hydroguard Trunk Main Monitoring

Hydroguard® is a well-established and proven 24 hour monitoring and protection system for water trunk mains. The cost effective, battery operated system continuously measures and transmits flow, pressure and noise data by SMS or GPRS, providing fast notification of any unusual activity or suspected bursts.




On installation, Hydroguard® is set to learn the “normal” pipeline activity and produce a “Learnt Profile”. The Learnt Profile comprises high noise and low and high flow and pressure parameters. Alarms can be set for each of the 3 channels, triggering alerts to SmartChart® Web graphical viewing platform or the master station, as well as by text message.

Single Alarms:

A variety of user selectable alarm options are integral to the system:

  • Multiple high, low or combination alarms
  • Absolute values or as a percentage deviation from “learnt” profile


On alarm, data logging speeds up to every 30 seconds for approximately 15 minutes, this data along with the last hour’s data is transmitted to provide event data, time, location and history of event.

Possible Burst Alarms

Ashridge’s unique algorithms are used to analyse the incoming data and alarms and indicate the possibility and location of a major leak or burst.

Data Logging and transmission

GPRS or SMS options

1 minute flow readings. Pressure and noise readings may be set from 1 minute up to 24 hours.

Transmission options from 30 minutes to 24 hours

Features and benefits:

Tri-parameter; flow, pressure and noise

  • Multiple alarm modes
  • Battery powered – long life
  • SMS and GPRS transmission – no broadband or mains connection required
  • GPS
  • Reverse flow capability to monitor bi-directional transfers
  • Proven track record
  • Remote configuration and upgrades
  • Technology designed to allow for future remote upgrades
  • Rugged, waterproof IP68
  • External battery option
  • Mains power option

Intelligent, smart protection of the asset:

Continuous trunk main monitoring

Move from reactive to proactive customer service

  • Increased customer satisfaction and safeguarding of reputation
  • Resource and cost savings

Increased efficiency of water networks

  • 24 hour monitoring enables fast repair times
  • Data for tactical and longer term strategy and management

Helps meet industry regulations and targets

Easy system installation and system integration

Remotely upgradable – allowing for future technology and innovation

Cost effective


Hydroguard Trunk Main Monitoring Brochure

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