PL960 Service Locators

The PL960 is the result of many years of development by Fuji-Tecom starting in 1980 with the PL801. It has evolved into one of the leading pipe and cable locators on the market today and has the unique receiver depth shaft, as does the PL960AC.



The Fuji-Tecom PL960 service locator is a very user friendly tool with a short learning curve for both the experienced operator and beginner alike. Display prompts and the default mode on start-up ensures fail safe and easy operation with virtually no confusion.

The PL960 sercice locator is equipped with both a single coil and a differential coil antenna to locate all continuous metallic utilities.

The PL960 operates at 83 kHz, 27 kHz and 334KhZ as well as Passive Radio mode 15-25 kHz.

The receiver has a graphic display, numeric display and audio output for easy detection interpretation.

The Unique Receiver Depth shaft gives extremely accurate depths, automatically calibrating the tool with each depth reading taken.

The Accurate Current Measurement display feature ensures consistent accurate tracking of lines in close proximity to each other. When detecting in the direct mode, the receiver can be as close as a metre from the transmitter and accurately locate a line. The transmitter can be twenty metres off parallel utilities and the receiver still effectively detects the utility without distortion.


  • Transmitter

Frequency :27kHz, 83kHz and 334kHz

Output Power: Induction Mode =0.5W

Direct Mode = 3.0W

Transmitting Mode: CW (Non-modulation)

Antenna : Single Coil

Power Supply : DC12 Volts (UM-1 x 8)

Battery Life : Induction Mode = appox. 20 hours

Direct Mode = approx. 10 hours

Operation temperature : -10 to 50 degrees celcius

Weight ; 2.5kg

Size: 288mm x 241mm x 105mm

  • Receiver

Frequency : 27kHz, 83kHz and 334kHz

Radio Mode = 15kHZ to 25kHz

Antenna : Single coil antenna

Differential Coil Antenna

Display ; LCD

Depth display : Value in 3 figures

Current measure ; Value in 3 figures

Power supply : DC 9 volts (UM-3 x 6)

Batterey life : 8 hours at non-signal condition

5 hours by using speaker

5 hours by using backlight

Operation temperature : -10 to 50 degrees celcius

Weight : 2.0kg

Size : 131mm x 280mm x 610mm

  • Detection Accuracy

Locating accuracy : 1.2m    +/- 2cm or less

(to the depth)        2m      +/- 5cm or less

5m      +/- 25cm or less

Depth accuracy :     1.2m    +/- 5% or less

2m      +/- 5% or less

5m      +/- 10% or less

Locating Distance : Differential Coil Antenna

Induction mode = 260m +/- 10%

Direct mode = 400m +/- 10%

Single Coil Antenna

Induction mode = 400m +/- 10%

Direct mode = 450m +/- 10%


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