PL1500 Service Locators

The PL1500 is the Fuji-Tecom entry level service locator, it would suit the person who would need to do basic locating of pipes or cables for avoidance purposes.



The PL-1500 pipe and cable locator is a single frequency service locator that comes in an 8 kHz Low or an 83 kHz High model. The Pl-1500 is a very durable unit that is a work of art in its simplicity of use and sophistication of operation. There are no menus to learn, just three ways of applying a signal (conductive, clamp and inductive, which not all locators offer). So you’re sure to locate all utilities. Plus, the PL-1500 is lightweight, compact and designed to withstand the everyday demands you place on it.

It is the ideal unit for the plumber or contractor who is only doing simple service locates to determine the presence of buried underground assets to make the job safer.

Uses include:

  • Trenching (making sure path is clear)
  • Plumbing (to determine path of single pipe)
  • Verification of previous locates prior to digging.


  • Transmitter

Frequency : 83kHz (PL1500 HIGH)

8kHz (PL1500 LOW)

Output power ; 0.5w induction

1w direct mode

Power supply : DC 12 volts (8 x D size batteries)

Battery Life : 12 hours at maximum power

Operating temperature : -10 to 50 degrees celcius

  • Receiver

Frequency ;83 kHz (PL1500 HIGH)

8kHz (PL1500 LOW)

Power Mode 50kHz

Operating Modes ; Peak and Live Cable

Power Supply : DC 9 volts ( 6 x AA batteries)

Operating Temperature : -10 to 50 degrees celcius

  • Locating accuracy (at depths)

Up to 1.2m : within 2cm

1.2m to 2m : within 5cm

2m to 5m : within 25cm

  • Depth accuracy (at depth)

0 to 2m : within 5%

2m to 5m : within 10%


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