TW-6 Service Locators

The TW-6 is a split box locator, which is an economical unit designed for the contractor seeking to avoid digging up underground assets.



This is a two part metal detector that can be used to locate pipes, cables, metallic box covers or any buried metal objects. It can be used as a one piece locator or with the transmitter detached and hard wire clamped to the trace pipeline or cable.

The Fisher TW-6 is a cost effective unit and is priced lower than the Fuji PL instruments, it is however very accurate and robust. When not in use, the TW-6’s two halves simply snap together to form a rugged carry and storage case.

It has crystal controlled frequency in both its transmitter and receiver unit which greatly increases its tracing distance. Because of its combined mounting arrangement, the TW-6 is capable of undertaking “blind” searches of an area.

Its dual meter and audible indicator provides a wide range of indication output, the voltage controlled oscillator provides an increasing pitch signal which extends beyond the range of the visual indicator meter.

Sophisticated noise cancelling circuitry eliminates power line interference.

Low weight self-contained unit runs on two sets of 8 AA batteries.



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